Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Our online store, Cake Delivery Nepal is an essential part of customer experience that has been
satisfying the customer needs and demands by delivering them the cake of their order and choice.
We usually customize our cake according to our customer's needs and wishes. We have high
varieties of cake options where you can choose for different occasions.

Our team is hard-working to dispatch the order on time depending upon the availability of the
product and the destination. We deliver different types of cakes and parcel them for the proper
shipping towards the client’s end. When we receive your order first, we strive to get your
package to your end as soon as possible.

Cakes are perishable and can be damaged when left as it is so we deliver the cake only once and
the address that is mentioned before can’t be rescheduled. To preserve the originality of the cake,
it is needed to be handled more carefully and sensitively and it is hand-delivered and instead of
courier service.

Surprise Delivery

Everyone likes surprises. And the surprise with cake even more as a surprise without cake is
incomplete. The cake in surprise gives a combination of joy and feeling of love towards the
sender. We provide the surprise cake delivery in the desired location as per your request. You
can choose the design cakes and its taste variety as well. We provide customization service as
well where our customers can freely put their ideas and wishes for the cake. We receive the
payment of the surprise cake at the time of your order placement.

You can send the cake to your family and friends on various occasions and special days. We
have different conditions in a surprise delivery package.

They are:

- We can put a small note for the receiver within the package as per your request.
- We can disclose the name of the sender and his/ her details as per your permission.
- We give our best to deliver the cake but incase if the receiver denies taking the package,
we’ll mention that the order is completed and there is no refund available.

Delivery Attempt

The delivery attempt of cake takes a lot of trial and error as it is soft and moist but it can be
delivered safely. As the cakes are perishable, we deliver it in the first attempt. We will go for the
second attempt to deliver the cake if some special circumstances appear. In case if the receiver
makes a mistake in the first attempt of receiving the order of cake and if the delivery cannot be
done, there will not be any kind of refund.

In case Cake gets damaged during Delivery
Sometimes, while making a delivery attempt of soft and fluffy things like cake there is quite a
difficulty. Therefore we need to handle it very carefully. Some in case situation may appear and
at that condition, we must know what to do:

- When the cake will reach a recipient door, they should check the condition of cake at that
time of home delivery. We advise every customer to sign the receipt only after proper
- If the cake delivered is found to be broken or damaged, the recipient should deny
accepting it and immediately inform us about it.
- If there are any issues of broken or damaged cake then it should be reported within 1 hour
of receipt, otherwise, it would not be accepted and after that, no request for replacement
or refund will be provided.
- Badly damaged cakes will be replaceable and new cake will be provided within the next
three hours if there is timely reporting (within 1hour of receipt).
- A replacement of damaged cakes will be provided if the cake is less than 3 pounds.

Our Humble Request
Our humble request to all of our customers is that as you know we provide home delivery
services to our customers on bikes and vans, there is a chance that some decorative cake
ornaments might misalign during the process. We would like to request you to consider and
cooperate with a considerable amount of misalignment of cake. We always try our best to
provide the best service to our customers delivering the cake in its original condition.
We hope our customers will understand the minimalistic and cosmetic damages will not be
eligible for replacements and refunds.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:
Softer and moist things like cake are more laborious to make perfect home delivery to the
customers at the right time. It takes effort and much care to make its perfect delivery. So, here
are some things that need to be considered by our customers regarding the cancellation of
ordering cake:

- If someday for cake delivery, cancellation of the order should be reported then it
should be before 4 hours of delivery time. Otherwise, the refund is not
- Similarly, cancellation of following day cake delivery should be notified by 7
A.M of the day of delivery. Otherwise, the refund is not entertained.
- Likewise, while refunding, the amount of 15% of the total amount would be

You will not be eligible to request a refund in the following cases

We have been providing one of the best cake delivery services in Nepal. We have been satisfying
customers throughout the city. We have some conditions where you won’t be eligible to request
for refunding the amount in case of cancellation of the order:

- If the address of delivery is provided wrong
- If the destination the product needs to deliver is locked
- If the receiver is unavailable or there are wrong contact details of the
receiver, then the order will be canceled
- If the receiver denies receiving the product 

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