Terms of Sales

Communication Medium:

We provide your communication facility and reach out to us via our contact details. You can contact with us physically and via phone in-office hours. We also have a Facebook page where you can send us your message at any time. We’ll try to reach you if needed if there is any inquiry related to the delivery and product services as per your recorded details you that you contact us before.

Order Placement and Mode of Payment:

We provide you various platforms to order the product and pay for it. As this is the age of digitalization, there are various ways you can order the variety of cake you want.
You can order the cake of your interest via our website, Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, and also via phone. However, we recommend you to order the cake via our website if possible.
For the printed photo cake and other designing items, you are requested to talk to our team so that they can better understand the requirement.
We accept digital payment methods including Paypal, Mastercard, International Monet Transfer, Esewa, Khalti, IME pay, and also bank transfers.
We also accept cash on delivery.

Exactness Not Guaranteed:

We try our best to provide the cake for your demand. We delivered the cakes in a good quality box that will show the originality of the cake.
We provide the proper ingredients including fruits and flavors in the cake. As the cakes are delivered in vehicles, we try not to hamper the originality of the cake and maintain the quality of the cake.

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